Catami (fur pendant)

$100.00 - $120.00

clear glass pendant that can hold cats fur,
borosilicate glass. order only comes with lather cord
theres a option for silver chains if you wish to get it with.
placement and color of hearts will be random .

What’s a catami?

Catami is taken from the Japanese word “Katami“ for memento, we named it especially for cats,

How to use a “catami” Take a clump of cat hair and place it on top of the hole on the jar. Use one end of the toothpick to press the hair completely into the jar. The hair will expand as it is being inserted into the jar, preventing it from falling out. Continue this process as much as you like, but do not over fill. It is a fragile glass piece.
Adult supervision is advised if Catami is being handled by children.
Artist is not responsible for any accidents caused by the mishandling of this product.
Metal chains are easier to insert, if you have a issue please contact @sakibombhackysacky